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The education and experience I gained at ISTAR has been a very valuable asset for me throughout my professional career. The knowledge and skills that I acquired have helped me a lot what I am today. ISTAR provided very good opportunities in terms of classroom education and practical training as well.
The environment at ISTAR was a perfect balance between studies and social life, I still remember the friendly atmosphere of the college and very helpful faculty members. We were encouraged to pursue our interests in academic as well as extracurricular activities, technical activities, seminar, workshop organized by the IEEE ISTAR Student Branch, this helps me expand my interest and knowledge beyond academics.
Mr. Amit Biswas - Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA


It gives me immense pleasure to share my student life at ISTAR. I have completed my MCA with distinction from ISTAR. The facilities at the college campus support growth to the students who want to use it. The faculty members were very helpful, encouraging and resourceful. Faculty members invest considerable energy mentoring students. The library was well stocked with sufficient books to enhance our knowledge. I would say that ISTAR is a place where students are not limited to course curriculum but provides them a clear understanding of the technical challenges they are to face, hence, I strongly recommend MCA, ISTAR to anyone interested in a meaningful MCA education.

Mr. Sagar Ameet, Application Developer, Oracle , Gandhingar, India




My college days was amazing and I had nice experience. My institution motivated me to take strong decisions of life, It gave me standard education, Friendly environment and also the ability to keep my ideas forward. My college gave me many opportunities to possess a bright career. I proud to be a part of it.

Ms. Darshna H. Padmani, Project Engineer, Wipro Technology, Bangalore, India.

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I am very fortunate that I got admission in MCA, ISTAR. My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this computer science world  and eventually will enable me to hopefully become more successful in life when I finally post graduate and get my degree. IEEE ISTAR Student Branch provides me a great platform to develop for team building skills and connect to professional association. These experiences are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them for anything. If I could go back in time and speak to my much younger self when I was first asked the question, “What has been your best experience?” the baby-faced version of me would certainly have been surprised by what my answer is now.

Mr. Tejas Shah Associate Consultant, Capgemini India Ltd Pune, India
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With all your blessings of my faculty members, I am at good position & career path. I would just start with phrase "crème de la crème erudition"
It was really a great learning phase of my life where the faculties at ISTAR shaped my career to the right directions.
Learning at ISTAR was the best of the World that helped me to take my dream comes true job in the World of Computer Application Development.
After completing MCA in ISTAR and coming to Bangalore in the phase of recession, I was able to grab at very good job with the knowledge that I gained. 
I am really Thankful and Blessed with all the knowledge that i gained from ISTAR. ISTAR Really Rocks.. :)

Mr. Dhaval Limbad, Sr. Software Dev. ,Analyst & Team Leader, Accenture Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore


From my college experience, I gain many things. Obviously college is a time that students can truly become individuals. When I joint ISTAR I had the opportunity to become more independent and to take on new responsibilities. I had  always relied on my parents for support, but at ISTAR I Got excellent environment and support of faculties they was always gave me right guidance to become more mature and grow not even only in study but also in character. Right now I have a fairly accurate idea concerning what I want to do with my life because of ISTAR taught me how to live professional and social both life and make me perfect and strong for that. ISTAR will introduce me to new and various things; and I will develop new interests from this exposure. Today I have good job because of ISTAR. Heartily thanks to ISTAR and its all Faculties and Specially thanks to our college Director Sir Dr. P. M. Udani.

Ms. Hiral Vora, CompuSense Automation, Ahmedabad


I can positively say ISTAR has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. All faculty members are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. Thanks to Nirbhay Sir for organizing extra seminar under IEEE Banner.

Mr. Manoj Sitapara, Lead Engineer, CXC Solutions Pvt. LTD, Dallas,TX, USA


Based on my student life experience at ISTAR during study tenure of my post-graduation degree (M.C.A), I have personally experienced a very well developed infrastructure and the presence of highly qualified faculties backed by exemplary technical & supporting staff.
I was privileged to get an opportunity to study at ISTAR. It’s well developed infrastructure and mentors (faculties) gifted highly skilled professionals to industry. Along with education, institution equally focuses on extra curriculum activities that help students in their personal growth.

 Mr. Chintan SisodiaSenior Project Manager, NetWeb Software Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara


I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at MCA Department, ISTAR. The thing I admire the most about ISTAR is the support I received from everyone starting from management to faculties. The faculties were always supportive, for not only educational but personal matters as well. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work. By joining the extra-curricular activities organize by the IEEE ISTAR Student Branch, I was able to develop my communication skills, and make myself worthy in my field. I got opportunity to work as a Web Master of IEEE ISTAR Student Branch. This opens the door to opportunities to develop my professional identity and worked as a Web Site Designer of IEEE the branch.

Mr. Ashwin Kanani, Sr. Java Developer, Dreamworld Solutions
Website: Past company: TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)


Studying at ISTAR was a great experience for me. We have one of the best faculties to give us all the knowledge they have to make each and every individual capable to face the outer world; they create a good bonding with student not only for the course duration but also after. Enormous support provided by IEEE ISTAR Student branch Mr. Nirbhay Chaubey Sir, Cousnellor of the branch.

Mr. Purav Mistry, Programmer Analyst, ClaimSecure Inc., Canada


When my Masters’ (MCA) was going to start, I was much baffled as I heard from many friends from different institutes that the Professors in the institute usually give away the lecture and leave. So with a great confusion I came to ISTAR expecting to do all the things on our own. However when my academics start at ISTAR, it was quite opposite to what I heard. The teaching staff is not only co-operative but also concerned about the studies of each and every student, which again was a surprise to those friends of another institute. During my tenure in ISTAR, I have never had any bitter experience to share, only I had numerous great and delighting experience. I have a long list of enjoyments with learning but to be precise major are the seminars and workshops conducted by IEEE and ISTAR, the competitions held, the extra curricular activities and mainly the fresher’s parties for our juniors and farewell for seniors. Studying at ISTAR is rather a joy than a burden. Thanks to all the faculty members for their invaluable support.

Mr. Fali Goghawala, NCode Technologies INC., Team Leader - .Net
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Life at ISTAR:  The years that I spent at ISTAR college was the best year of my life that i never forgot. Since my arrival in the college my life has been full of excitement and inspiration. I got my excitement from my studies (MCA) through the knowledge given in the lectures and practical’s in LAB’s. I have been inspired by my head of department and the rest of the staff in the department and also my fellow students in class, department and college as a whole. Here we get plenty of opportunities to develop our all-round personalities not only through excellent academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular activities.

Mr. Chetan Bhadra, Sr. Asp.Net MVC Developer Company Name: Lucent Craft Software's


It is great to write about my college. I am sharing few lines of experience with ISTAR. "ISTAR is very valuable and priceless to me. ISTAR to me isn't just a place where I worked hard and studied to get my degree. It helped me to become a self-educating man.It has changed my entire outlook on and attitude toward life.Throughout three years of my life, ISTAR helped me to develop effective technical skills with great fun. 
What I have learned at ISTAR helped a lot in building my professional carrier. Especially the practical subjects.
I think that there should be more practical work in the field that we are. ISTAR provides a great opportunity for students to elaborate their skills.
One of the greatest skills I took from ISTAR is the problem solving ability and the love of learning.
The time I spent in ISTAR is the best time of my life."

Mr. Anil Yargunta, Lead Developer, Company Name: AmreliTech Pvt. Ltd., Surat


Teachers at MCA Department work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at MCA Dept of ISTAR College. The thing I admire the most about MCA Dept is the support I received from everyone. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment.

Renish P. Aghera, CEO and Founder, iGreenTech Services

M: +91 99798 49929 


ISTAR….. These 5 Alphabets are so much more than the just Alphabets for all of us… Like many of my classmates, I came to the ISTAR, because I desired a college experience that would challenge me. It was a great experience for me, the college, its infrastructure, faculty members are good. I had learnt a lot of things about life apart from studies. I participate different types of events, I along with my friends won many of the Rangoli competition. Experience of Seminars and events are very help full in my professional career.  
I am grateful to the Faculties of ISTAR, IEEE ISTAR Branch which help me to develop my professional career in computer field.

Mr. Aditya Nilkanth Vyas (07mc01), Techno Era, Team Leader
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When you focus on problems, you'll have more problems. When you shift your focus to opportunity, YOU'LL HAVE WORLD.. This is what I learnt and keep practicing. The dedication, support and motivation of everyone is remarkable and that helps students to find their ability of achieving whatever they desire. My deep gratitude to ISTAR, its faculty members, IEEE ISTAR Student Branch for which I held position of Vice Chair, for shaping me what I am today.

Mr. Hardik Trivedi, CEO & Solution Architect, Om Infosolutions Inc.


Very good college to get education in which faculty is the most important thing to learn better, helping faculty teachers, good environment, proper guidance, exam preparation all are the capital of ISTAR

Mr. Abdulqadir Khanji, Senior software engineer,, Kuwait




As an ex-student of ISTAR MCA department, I must admit that I am very happy as I got a chance to pursue my masters from this institute. Truly speaking, I began the journey as a scared and clueless student, but made the best of it and enriched my skill to the next level with much confidence. ISTAR has given me the best teachers and best education. My experience in ISTAR has given me a chance to sharpen my personal and academic skills as well as professional skills and made me ready for the competitive market. Getting involved in IEEE ISTAR Student Branch as a chairperson, the role and task were challenging especially organizing various seminars, but it was a challenge I was more than willing to accept. In becoming more involved, I not only met more people including many students and staff, I also developed and honed my soft skills; communicating, listening, solving problems, contributing in meetings, cooperating as a team member and resolving conflicts as a chair. That is invaluable in everyday life as much as its needed for work. Thanks to the faculty members and students members of IEEE ISTAR Student Branch and Prof. Nirbhay Chaubey Sir, Counsellor of the branch for Very inspiring me to join IEEE and volunteer to the society.

Ms. Denisha Jarsania, Software  Engineer, CGI Bangalore.



My dream come true when I secured my admission in ISTAR for MCA program where I was ensured to get academic excellence and superb faculty support. The ISTAR MCA department provided me best insight into current industry practices. Academic curriculum was designed in such a way that it focused on developing technical skills as well as individual development. Also the extra-curricular activities helped me to develop leadership qualities and worked as a Vice Chair of IEEE ISTAR Student Branch, taught me how to lead people. I would like to thank ISTAR and all the faculty members to help me what I am today.

Abhishek Chaniyara, Assistant Professor, College of Computer,

Science & Information Technology(CCSIT), Junagadh.


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I would be pleasure to share my experience toward ISTAR, because I get knowledge and education and staff continues motivate toward my career. Now it's my life time assets. In ISTAR, I get all LAB resource that need to do practical with great guidelines and encourage me by professor and staff on collage project that help me to learn more on practical. Technical session also help me to improve knowledge on my expertise area, Also Thanks IEEE branch that continues arrange such type of session.

Suresh Kerai, Founder & CTO, Arkay Apps,



My three years at ISTAR were the best three years of my life. It didn't feel so at that time but now that I look back, I realize that it was the most enriching experience I've had till now. ISTAR made me push my limits by constantly encouraging me, scolding me, appreciating me along with making me realize my limitations and helping me work on them. If it weren't for ISTAR I would have never ever imagined that I would end up in one of the best state council in India(MPCOST,Bhopal). It’s a place where I found a friend, a parent and a counselor in a teacher. I sincerely thank ISTAR and the Gurus who taught us how to DREAM - ACHIEVE in the repeat mode.

Rahul K. Kanani, GIS  Developer,Raj Technologies,Nashik


Studying my Post Graduate Program Master of Computer Application (MCA) at ISTAR was a great experience for me. When thinking about the best way to thank a teacher, think about what he or she did that was exceptional or above the call of duty. Also think about how he or she changed you personally; the way you thought about things, the way you saw yourself and the world in general. It was a great experience for me, the college, its infrastructure, faculty members are outstanding.There are no words really to express gratitude for all they have done what I am today. In simple words, I Proud to be a part of "ISTAR" and recommend ISTAR MCA program which is well accepted by the IT Industry. Many of our seniors are well placed in bluchip IT company across the world.

Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, SAP BO Consultant, TCS Gandhinagar,



I would say,ISTAR has played a big role in my life to make me whatever I am today. I have gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge from highly educated faculty members and high standard technical infrastructure. I received plenty of opportunities to improve my personality, public speaking skills, learning from external expertise. Other than academic activities, students at ISTAR encourages students to take part in many other extracurricular activities such as external Seminars, workshops etc. I would recommend ISTAR to all the science and technology enthusiastic students.

Mr. Kiran Varsani, Senior Software Engineer, McCullough Robertson, Brisbane - Australia


It's been an incredible experience and I've had overwhelmingly positive experience with my professors and technical staff. 'Work hard and dream Big' is what I learn from professor of MCA Department, ISTAR. ISTAR puts effort into making every aspects of student life meaningful. The professors are experts in their fields and are most often good teachers. The alumni network is incredible. Enormous support provided by the IEEE ISTAR Student branch and Dr. Nirbhay Chaubey Sir, Counsellor of the branch."

Mr. Mazhar Rana, Tech Lead, Sophos Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad



The best thing about ISTAR is that it develops me as a student. I got a lot new things to learn thereby helping me to grow both personally and professionally in my life. The way I have been groomed in ISTAR is amazing. I have learned so much that I find myself to be industry ready now itself. I will always be grateful to the faculty members for understanding me and forgiving me for all my naughtiness.
The dedicated staff of ISTAR helped me in improving my communication skills and confidence so much that now I am such a confident speaker & my knowledge level has increased. The faculty members are well qualified and experienced. All of them are very supportive and helpful that it becomes too easy for me to learn new things.

Mr. Keyur Thakor, Senior Technical Lead, Fidelity National Information System (FIS), Pune, India